MVP Summit 2004 - Day 1

It starts good with a presentation of Scott Guthrie about the new stuff in ASP.NET 2.0. Nothing really new for me because I am testing the product since some times now. But interesting new details. Then I followed with soemthing that I have not that deep knowhow: Winforms, a presentation from Joe Stegman. Really, really impresive. The next one was about ADO.NET and guess what that also have made some great development in that field. I can't tell you more cause I am under NDA, but stay tuned they are doing a great job.

Then we made some shopping, a visit to the Microsoft museum and went back to the presentation of Don Box.


MVP Summit 2004 Trip

What a long trip to Seattle - Washington. Richard Clark had some beers !!!! Hey Richard take care in Denmark (place where we stopped) the beer are 75 cl.

We certainly had some cookies this morning but you really had too much beers ;-)
BTW: Thanks to David for the beers !!! Great guy.


Best Practices for Representing XML in the .NET Framework - Summary

Thats a summary of the article from Dare Obasanjo on MSDN.

Classes with Fields or Properties that Hold XML

If a class has a field or property that is an XML document or fragment, it should provide mechanisms for manipulating the property as both a string and as an XmlReader.

Methods that Accept XML Input or Return XML as Output

Methods that accept or return XML should favor returning XmlReader or XPathNavigator unless the user is expected to be able to edit the XML data, in which case XmlDocument should be used.

Converting an Object to XML

If an object wants to provide an XML representation of itself for serialization purposes, then it should use the XmlWriter if it needs more control of the XML serialization process than is provided by the XmlSerializer. If the object wants to provide an XML representation of itself that enables it to participate fully as a member of the XML world, such as allow XPath queries or XSLT transformations over the object, then it should implement the IXPathNavigable interface.

MVP Summit 2004

I will attend the MVP Summit 2004 with my brother Mathieu this year. He has also been awarded by Microsoft :-). I hope we will see exciting thinks like I saw last year. Departure is on Sunday morning from Mulhouse Airport to Paris then to Copenhaguen then Seattle. What a long trip.. By the way who is attending also?

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