New milestone reached in Tech Head Brothers publishing tool

As said in a past post: Yeah!!! :-) Publications are working, I am working on the new publishing tool for my website Tech Head Brothers, and today I reached another milestone: The tool is now installed on Laurent Duveau notebook and he is able to post directly from Word 2003.

Currently the tool let the author

  • choose images to insert using a Document Action Pane

  • copy source code from Visual Studio and paste it into Word 2003, generating an external source code colorized XHTML file

  • have a local disconnected preview of there content through a XSLT rendering
  • post there content on the website using Web Services

And finally here is a picture of what you can get (the design is not finished and still a bit buggy) with the tool when the content is published:


Wonderful Gadget from Aurelien

Incredible what you might do with javascript, I cannot believe it. You made an awesome work Aurel.

You might see this gadget here.


First of all, I want to say that this gadget is not a Flash or Java applet one. It has been thoroughly coded with Javascript using various tips and tricks as Fade In/Out, Clip In/Out, Sprites animation and so on.

Option pannel will enable you to set the difficulty of the computer and also see the playable squares. The computer is an artificial intelligence hosted on my server.

Moreover, this gadget is localized on your Live.com settings. At present, only french and english versions are available, for other ones, english is set by default. I'm looking for sympathetic translators for the remaining ones.

Enjoy !


Yeah!!! :-) Publications are working.

Today is a big day with a really cool milestone for Tech Head Brothers website.

First I am able to publish/update content on the site with my new publishing tool; a word template using vsto 2005 and secured web services. This piece of code let me publish content with pictures, colorized source code, zip files for sample applictions and this directly out of Word 2003. Really cool!!!

Second I can also publish/update/delete news directly from my prefered blog tool: PostXING. By the way the 2.0 Beta 1.0 was realized and I have to say: "Chris you made an awesome work, congrats".


ComponentArt released Web.UI 3.0 for ASP.NET

Web.UI 3.0 for ASP.NET combines ComponentArt's unique rendering technology with the power of AJAX to deliver the most advanced set of user interface controls available for ASP.NET. Now featuring ALL NEW Grid, Callback and Calendar controls.

I am currently using the Menu control from this ASP.NET controls suite on Tech Head Brothers website. I started some trial of there suite with ASP.NET 2 and especially the Callback control and was able to create a small forum in no time with Ajax/Callback getting each message on user click.


MSDN Codezone online now!!!

I am proud to announce the launch of the new MSDN codezone site.

As you might have read in my last post "Codezone search integration in Visual Studio 2005 !!! Cooool stuf :-)",  Tech Head Brothers, my French portal about Microsoft .NET technologies, is part of Codezone premiere online communities.

About Codezone

Codezone enables you to find the most relevant and useful resources across the community. These independent experts on the Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual Studio provide a wealth of knowledge to you. Codezone provides a connection to individual contributors, user groups, community sites, experts and speakers through this group of websites.

Codezone points you to relevant community resources worldwide. The Codezone community provides everything from articles, news, advice, code snippets, forums, lists and blogs. Each of the sites offers its own expertise and our goal is to make them as easy to find as possible.

Check out one of the Codezone premiere online communities today and find the information you need. You can also find resources from Codezone within the Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 by using the help search and clicking on the 'Codezone Community' tab!


Codezone search integration in Visual Studio 2005 !!! Cooool stuf :-)

As previously announced in this post: "Microsoft Announces CodeZone!",  Tech Head Brothers, my French portal about Microsoft .NET technologies, will be part of Codezone.  Today for the first time I am able to see what this means to be a part of the Codezone program.

As you can see in the option dialog of the Visual Studio 2005 help, you will be able to choose from a list of currently 28 world wide community web sites (we are 32nd - at the end, as far as I can remember).

And Tech Head Brothers is in the list. Great!!!

When doing a search you will get results from the various community sites that participate in Codezone.
For example a search about gzip returns two articles from Tech Head Brothers: one from me and one from Mathieu.

This has been in place for a while but had not been working on my VPC because (Thanks Doug ;) my clock was not set correctly. It has to be set within 7 minutes of the corresponding time i.e. present time.

For more information on what I am talking about read: "What is Codezone Community Search?"


dotTrace published by JetBrains

dotTrace, again a tool released by JetBrains during the summer (don't you have any holidays guys in Russia ? ;-) !!!

You might get more information and download an evaluation version on this page. And to get a list of features check this page.

Nice work Oleg :-) !!!


My brother Mathieu moved to Australia and found a new job...

As you might know my brother Mathieu moved to Australia at the begining of this year. After some time visiting the country (The Northern Territory, Les WithSundays et les environs de Cairn, Byron Bay, Les Blue Mountains, Innisfail et les bananes), he started searching for a job and finally found one in Perth. Congratulation Mathieu !!! I am really proud of what you are doing.

He just sent me a picture of his new office :-)

I told you Mathieu that there is no wifi in the bush ;-)

I saw that picture in the train station of Basel/Switzerland with Didier driving to work and we laught so much that I had to post it. In fact the picture is an advert. How could it represents better a IT job in Australia ?


Team System projects: book, development of Tech Head Brothers website

First project about Team System is a book that I started with my friend Kader Yildirim. We had a first contact with one editor and were disapointed a bit because we were told that there is no 'market' for such a book. I really think that there is, because Team System is an awesome tool. Nevermind we will continue to search an editor. By the way if you are interested, please feel free to contact me. One side note, the book will be written in French.

The second project with my brother Mathieu is to update our website Tech Head Brothers to use ASP.NET 2. Currently Mathieu is located in Sydney, Australia and will soon move to Perth, Australia because he found a new job there. So to work on such condition we need really good tools to communicate, Groove Virtual Office, Skype and MSN Messenger. Ok with those tools we can have in real time discussions, share idea, even share documents in online/offline mode. But we missed a Software Development Lifecycle Tool (SDLC). At the time of the website version written in ASP.NET 1.0/1.1, we had tried several solutions from Visual SourceSafe over Internet, over VPN, then we moved to CVS because it was too slow. We also had Draco.NET...

Now our solution is the following one:

  1. One Windows 2003 Server with Virtual Server and Team System installed on it (Thanks to Fox). We used the Visual Studio 2005 Team System Beta 2 VPC provided during the Tech Ed 2005 in Amsterdam.
  2. A512/128 Kb ADSL internet connection access to the server with a dynamic ip, thanks to DynDNS
  3. Mathieu is using a custom installation of Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 installion in a Virtual PC on his notebook
  4. I am also using a VPC with Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 installed

After one week of usage I have to say that it is working not so bad. For sure we have issues because of the adsl connection that get disconnected and DynDNS taking a bit time to update to the new IP. But I am ashtonished about the way it works and I like the source repository and the work items.


Tech*Ed Europe: I'll be there!

I finally got the confirmation of my registration to the Tech*Ed 2005 Europe, held in Amsterdam.

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