Groove 3.0 Beta

Today I installed a virtual machine with Windows XP to be able to evaluate Groove 3.0 Beta. I am really convinced about the future of this tool and even it integration in the next operating system, at least the ideas behind. It will sign the end of the shares has we know them for today, and for sure more than that. Groove team made a huge effort on the interface I have to say and the gui is user friendly now. The speed even for a beta running on a virtual machine seems also to be far better. Still working with COM or do they switch to .NET?

There is already a good review from Stowe Boyd


Longhorn and Biometrics, Bis

I checked a bit what I can find in Longhorn concerning that Biometric stuff. And I found that it is BAPI: bapi.dll, . That specification was bought some long time ago from i/o software and I remember that it was planned to have this integrated in Windows XP. I think that Microsoft did not included it because the biometric technology was not ready at that time.

I know a bit more about BioAPI than BAPI, but at the end I think it works almost the same. There is also a Kernel Biometric Service Provider: kbsp.dll and a tool called biotool.exe permiting to enroll a new biometric credential:

BIOTOOL <command> <method> <source>


      ENROLL  Enroll a new biometric credential.


      FP      Fingerprint

  sources (specific to each method):

      RT    Right Thumb (FP)
      RI    Right Index (FP)
      RM    Right Middle (FP)
      RR    Right Ring (FP)
      RP    Right Pinky (FP)
      LT    Left Thumb (FP)
      LI    Left Index (FP)
      LM    Left Middle (FP)
      LR    Left Ring (FP)
      LP    Left Pinky (FP)


Pictures Tech Ed 2003 in Barcelona

During the last Tech Ed in Barcelona I met Ron Jacobs during his presentation of the "Microsoft .NET Reference Building Blocks" on Friday afternoon. That was really a good presentation of the main Building Blocks. Btw I like this idea of Building Blocks and will use most of them in my next release of my web site: Tech Head Bothers. He was kind enough after I made some pictures for him to let me go on stage to make a picture with him showing the web site in background. Cool !!!

Continue the good work with your team!!! And if you want some more pictures of your presentation just contact me.

Longhorn and Biometrics

I finally installed Longhorn and was looking around what was new and found a new service called "Biometric Ressource Manager". What a surprise for me, they finally decided to do something on that direction. Nice!!! I worked on that subject in my last company and dealed with algorithms but also with Windows login replacement (ah gina!!! I had so much fun with you), embedded system, Web authentication... I will for sure follow this story. Is there any publication on that topic?

InfoPath 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP-1) Preview and Toolkit for Visual Studio .NET

I started to look at Infopath long time ago and was waiting for that solution. I was really surprised to see Infopath with something else then .NET to wrtie code for it. That's over. :-)

Since I implemented a tool to write the article on my web site Tech Head Brothers based on Word 2003 and Visual Studio Toolkit I was waiting the toolkit for Infopath to be able to have a form to post News that will use WSE to handle secured connection to my site.
In this new version when you add a button you will get a dialog with a button "Edit from code" and when you click on it your get back to Visual Studio that already added a handler for you:

// The following function handler is created by Microsoft Office InfoPath. Do not

// modify the type or number of arguments.

[InfoPathEventHandler(MatchPath="CTRL4_5", EventType=InfoPathEventType.OnClick)]

public void CTRL4_5_OnClick(DocActionEvent e)


// Write your code here.


Thats really really cool.


Tour de France ASP.NET

Today we are, Mathieu and Laurent, at the "Tour de France". Jerome will arrive the afternoon. So we only miss Kader to have the whole team at this event. It is not about cycling but about ASP.NET. We will present our web site Tech head Brothers to the east of France .NET community. I will post this evening a set of pictures form the event.

As requested by EROL a picture from that event:

THANKS to Microsoft Team it was a very nice day and a cool evening !!!! Hey Pascal, ALLEZ l'OM ;-)

2003 on Windows 2003 with CVS and Visual Studio .Net Build

I finally managed :-) to have working on Windows 2003 Server with cvs. I always had a 100% cpu usage when detected a change and that was due to a cvs process.

The solution I used was to define  <cvsroot>:sspi:SERVERNAME:/MyREPO</cvsroot> like that. Before I had <cvsroot>:sspi:User@SERVERNAME:E:/MyREPO</cvsroot>, and it was not working with that configuration.

I use CVSNT 2.0.13 and 1.5-beta-2.

I use that continous integration tools to develop with my brother our web site. The good thing is that when he change something in the cvs repository I get an email with the changes listed and the status of a build. This ease our communication concerning release. Cool !!!!


My birthday....

Today I am 33 years old. Shit I am getting really old.... Thanks to everybody for the calls and gifts.

SOAP Toolkit 3, ATL/COM, AXIS : FUN with Web Services

Today I was able to validate a first step in one of the change we are experiencing at work. The project is to wrap an original project (C++ dll and VB6 ActiveX) around a C++ ATL/COM dll to be able to expose it as a Web Service in IIS 6. I used SOAP Toolkit 3.0 to do that. The difficulties were that there were some complicated structures and array of structures to pass in and get back from the Web Service. First I was amazed to see that the STK 3 was able to handle that complexity. Then I created a stub using AXIS WSDL2Java and little client application. It is really cool to see those peaces of code communicating without any issues. I like the idea of having two totally different worlds able to talk together ;-) No we have to deal with another big step the integration of the different possible stubs in our Virtual Transport Framework. This will allow users of the framework to call a service without knowing the transport protocol, the location, the load balancing strategy, the error handling…



Last weekend was reserved for the migration of the servers at work from Windows NT4 to Windows 2003. The good point is that after working from the Friday evening to the Saturday morning, the servers were up and running again. The applications owners were testing their applications on Saturday and sent back an OK. Then I monitored the applications all the day, and there were no issues. That a first migration.

The second has nothing to do with my work; it is about my web site: Tech Head Brothers. My friend Ed Daniel offered me to host the site. HEY!!!! Ed I will never be thankfully enough for that. So I have to deploy the entire site to this new server.

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