Devices and Printers empty on Windows 7

For some days I had the following issue on my Windows 7 installation: clicking on the start orb then on Devices and Printers would open the window, show a progress bar and then nothing else, a completely empty folder.

I tried a restore that didn’t solved the issue but it reminded me that I installed some days ago a Bluetooth software for a Bluetooth headset I received as a Microsoft MVP gift. This gave me the direction to search for.

I ended up seeing in the Services that the “Bluetooth Support Service” was stopped and that it Statup type was set to disabled. Re-enabling it fixed my issue and now I have again the full list of Devices and Printers shown in the dialog.

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Darn.  I was hoping this might be the problem. Using the Win7 Beta (7100), I have several quirks:

1) double-click in windows explorer opens a new window instead of exploring using the existing one.  I've scoured the 'net and seen all sorts of solutions, but none worked.  I even copied and re-merged the folder/* registry tree from another computer running Win7 without problems, but that didn't solve anything.

2.) I have *no* devices or printers listed in that window - but I can still print to them all through programs.  So, they are there, but for some reason not being displayed.

3.) Eject icon has disappeared.  When I plug in flash drives, it never shows up.  I've checked to make sure the icon is supposed to be displayed (I have all icons set to be displayed), but no go.

Guess these are all just beta problems....I hope the RTM version doesn't have these issues....


I had exact same problem as yours.

Thanks for your solution.

It works !


Same problem, but starting "Bluetooth Support Service" and setting it to Automatic did not resolve the problem. Using Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. I have no Bluetooth dongle and no built-in Bluetooth of any kind. Only driver change I've made is to update video driver to latest from ATI.


Same issues as @ran here. Any other workaround? starting "Bluetooth Support Service", setting to Automatic and restarting did not solve it. Windows 7 Pro 32-bits.

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