From WPF functional Unit Tests to Specifications using MSpec and White

I am in the train back home and wanted to try out quickly to migrate our WPF functional tests written has Unit Tests to BDD Specifications.

Here is the code I started from, pure Unit Test using NUnit and White

public void Opening_Valid_VersionZip()

    Assert.That(MainWindow.Title.Equals("Product.zip - Innoveo Skye® Editor"));
    Assert.That(ProductTree.Nodes.Count >= 1);

Now the same functional test written as a BDD specification using MSpec

public class when_user_open_valid_versionzip : MainWindowViewSpecs
    Establish context = () => {};

    Because of = () => OpenAndWait("Product.zip");

    It should_display_mainwindow_title_correctly = () =>
        MainWindow.Title.ShouldEqual("Product.zip - Innoveo Skye® Editor");

    It should_display_status_correctly = () =>

    It should_display_the_product_tree = () =>

    It should_hide_the_splashscreen = () =>

    It should_enable_save_button = () =>

    It should_enable_activate_button = () =>

And the output in ReSharper MSpec plugin


Which one do you prefer? I personally have made my choice.

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