Get back almost 1GB of free disk space after Vista SP1 installation

If you have installed SP1 of Vista you certainly recognized that your drive lost around 1Gb of free space.

The solution is to use a tool that comes with the SP1 to recover your free space at the price of not being able to come back and uninstall the SP1.

This tool is vsp1cln.exe that you can run like this:

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Jay R. Wren

hurray for this!  Thank you so much!

Peter Tilbrook

Hey thanks for the tip!


Nice.  Thanks for the tip!

Olivier Raginel

You can also ensure it's been de-installed, because before you could see it in the Programs and Features, Installed Updates, and after running this tool, the KB936330 is no longer there.
That's a bit odd, because this list is supposed to be the list of installed updated, but in fact it's the list of de-installable ones.
I wonder how one can do the same for all other updates...


Olivier: No, the list shows the patches that you can uninstall. So not seeing the SP1 is normal, as I said in my post, you can't uninstall SP1 after running that tool, so it is clear that it will not appear in the uninstall.

Olivier Raginel

Laurent: I agree the list shows the patches you can uninstall, but as written, to get this list, you have to go to Programs and Features, Installed Updates, not Uninstall Updates.
It's misleading I think. But maybe that's just me.


Olivier: Yeah, a never ending discussion Wink! Why do you think there is no more start on the Vista button?


hey laurent ... cool.
thanks for the tip ... my padawan


lorenz (alias lolo): you are welcomed!

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