New start on next Monday

Yeah next Monday I will start in a new formed company called innoveo solutions.

Has Didier said on his post "INNOVEO: New working contracts signed" I signed on the 11th September 2007 to join on 1st of October 2007. I see you coming concerning the date, as Jon, but no, I am not superstitious.

The team is a melting pot of cultures with people coming from Austria, France , Germany, India, Italy and Switzerland. So it is 6 nationalities in a team of 14 people. Not bad.

Recap from Didier:

"We have always said that we have a particular, a quite special team-spirit. A lot of people thought that we were arrogant. Now, guys, I think that it is difficult for you *not to recognize* that we have a strong team-spirit ;-) During the 6 months of the negotiation process, the team has remained absolutely stable and compact, we have delivered greatly all the time (I am very proud of that!), and 14 of the 15 people are joining innoveo on October 1, 2007."

This period was really intensive and still is but shown what team-spirit and dedication can achieve.

I am really happy to join innoveo solutions and I hope we will have great success!

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Erol: I will still be in Switzerland and still Zurich.

Jon Galloway


I wasn't getting superstitious on you. We were chatting on 9/11 and I was just asking that was the day you were starting work, or another day in the future. So it wasn't "On 9/11? (That's bad luck)", it was "On 9/11 (today?)".

Anyhow, looks like a great team. Can't wait to hear more about what you guys will accomplish.


hi laurent
great to have you on board, i'm proud of that. and thanks for the fantastic and decisive support during the last crazy months Wink
cu, didier

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