Tech Head Brothers Silverlight Streaming framework

Tech Head Brothers Silverlight Streaming framework is an implementation of Silverlight Streaming REST API as a class library and a set of Workflow Foundation activities focused on the Hosting Content on Silverlight Streaming.

I have implemented this light framework (some functionality are still missing) as a class library and Patrice Lamarche (http://patricelamarche.net) implemented the Workflow Foundation part of it.

The following picture shows the classes used in the framework:

It is basic with a Manager class (SilverlightStreamingManager) using a set of Command classes (AddFileCommand, DeleteFileCommand, GetFilesetFilesCommand).

Uploading a Video is as simple as those few lines:

            SilverlightStreamingManager mgr =
                new SilverlightStreamingManager("TOBEDEFINED", "TOBEDEFINED");

            string fileset = "testvideo";

            if (mgr.UploadVideo(@"T:\_Projects\Silverlight\SilverlightStreaming\media\fiona.wmv", fileset))
                Console.WriteLine("Uploaded sucessfully!! ");
                Console.WriteLine("Something went wrong !!");

You also might prefer to use the corresponding workflow activities delivered or even the sample workflow:


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